"Burn, baby, burn," chants one trader as he cheers on the burning of a core transmission line in the West, while others openly discuss and engage in manipulative and fraudulent trading games, games whose names--Death Star, Wheel Out, Get Shorty, Fat Boy and Ricochet--speak volumes about the intent of these traders as they manipulated the energy market.

The release of the tapes shocked the nation with the Enron traders' crude language and naked greed, and delivered concrete proof that Enron's Western electricity traders had engaged in market manipulation to manufacture an energy crisis. See

Metroactive - Tapping Into the Death Star

Film - The Smartest Guys in the Room

Based on the best-selling book of the same name by Fortune reporters Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind, a multidimensional study of one of the biggest business scandals in American history. The chronicle takes a look at one of the greatest corporate disasters in history, in which top executives from the 7th largest company in this country walked away with over one billion dollars, leaving investors and employees with nothing. The film features insider accounts and rare corporate audio and video tapes that reveal colossal personal excesses of the Enron hierarchy and the utter moral vacuum that posed as corporate philosophy. The human drama that unfolds within Enron's walls resembles a Greek tragedy and produces a domino effect that could shape the face of our economy and ethical code for years to come.

Enron dives from the seventh largest US company to bankruptcy in less than a year in this tale told chronologically. The emphasis is on human drama, from suicide to 20,000 people sacked: the personalities of Ken Lay (with Falwellesque rectitude), Jeff Skilling (he of big ideas), Lou Pai (gone with $250 M), and Andy Fastow (the dark prince) dominate. Along the way, we watch Enron game California's deregulated electricity market, get a free pass from Arthur Andersen (which okays the dubious mark-to-market accounting), use greed to manipulate banks and brokerages (Merrill Lynch fires the analyst who questions Enron's rise), and hear from both Presidents Bush what great guys these are.

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Interview with - Bethany McLean - ENRON

Nzone tonight spoke to Bethany McLean, Editor-at-large and co-author of ENRON: The smartest guys in the room.

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Countdown: Gas Pains and the Enron Loophole

Keith reports on more of McCain's lobbyist problems relating to the high gas prices and his campaign staff that worked to make sure the Enron loophole has not been has not been closed by the CFTC.

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Enron India natural gas investment in Dub Ho power built station but no demand.

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He arbitrges the california market to the tune of a million or two bucks a day

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