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In this section I will include material relating to the theory of liberty its practical applications, cases against liberty and also information in relation to those who support and those who subvert liberty

Liberty is not freedom

Freedom is allowing nature to prevail with all that entails. It is the freedom to use any means to obtain what one wants, including violence, it is the freedom to take the freedom of others, to imprison, capture or kill them, to impose ones will upon them, to enslave them, to dominate them. This is what freedom is and it can only be had by the most powerful body in any group of bodies, by the body that can obtain dominance over other bodies, and even then the laws of nature still limit it.

Liberty on the other hand is not freedom but it is better than freedom because by its very nature a community that promotes liberty is a unified group and has superior power to a group that promotes only freedom. Liberty is about maximising individual freedom in so far as it does not diminish the freedom of others.

To maintain liberty one needs law. Law to determine how freedom is to be restricted, and one needs power to enforce that law. That power comes from the unified action of the individuals within the community.

Punishment ensures that antisocial activities that could be profitable, such as robbery, cease to be profitable.

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