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Secrecy and Power

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If in a society one body's actions are determined by another body to some extent, then that other body has social power over the first body.


There are advantages when bodies in a society grant certain other bodies, control over them. i.e. when followers appoint leaders. The question is to what extent the structure and processes of a controlling body be known or unknown to the controlled bodies or indeed outside bodies.


An act the performance of which is detrimental to the stable existence of a society, is normally determined to be a criminal act within that society. Some criminal acts may be profitable for the performer of them and so punishments and restrains are prescribed to make them unprofitable. Where a criminal act is its self unprofitable, only restraint may be necessary.

Secrecy provides the opportunity for the performance of possibly profitable criminal acts without social punishment or restraint, and so only trusted bodies can be granted the privilege of secrecy.

However this presents a problem as trust may only be gained as a result of past performance review which is impossible in the context of secrecy.

Although reviews may take place between parts of the secret organisation this only ensures that crimes are not prevelent between the parts but it does not exclude crimes committed against bodies outside the review circle.

Even if another body is appointed whose task it is to assure the correct action of the controller this body will need to be trusted by the controlled and so this does not make any advance.

Disclosure and Accountability

Clearly the strategy and tactics of incomplete operations may need to be kept secret however once completed full disclosure of the tactical events of the operation should be made to allow full accountability.

This is not to say that the strategy behing the tactics needs to be disclosed, it does not and should remain secret. 

The full disclosure of the tactical events allows incompetence to be learned from and crime to be punished.

The disadvantage is that tactics need to change from one operation to the next but this is a small price to pay for the reduction in incompetence and crime and the trust that can be won from accountability.

The Scale of a Crime

What is or is not a crime can change depending on the social boundary chosen. Thus


It is apparent that US leadership and has developed a pathological disregard for the principles of liberty and justice being more concerned in promoting financial and family interests through government.

If they law gets in the way they just go to another jurisdiction failing to  understand that the law is rules that reflect right and wrong but do not determine what is or is not a crime. What is against the law is not necessarily a crime and what is not against the law is not necessarily not a crime.

Certain elements within the CIA have persistently conducted covert actions since WWII which are detrimental to the stable existence of a the world society and are therefore crimes on an international scale but because they advancing America’s interests or achieve US policy objectives they are not regarded as crimes within the limits of US society.

Two things should be noted here and that is that some elements within the CIA have conducted covert actions against US society its self and also some actions of the CIA have been to prevent the committing of crimes by others.

Most large organisations are fragmented and so it is quite possible for them to harbour criminal and incompetent elements within the larger structure. Where there is secrecy this is more likely.

What I have said about the CIA can be said about many government, military banking and other institutions in many countries. There are good people, there are always good people everywhere and in all organisations, just as there are bad people.

Whistle Blowers

Whistle blowers are beginning to uncover possible criminal and incompetent elements and though this may not be the best way to deal with crime and incompetence it is the best way we have just now.

Those brave individuals who for no profit struggle to do what is right.

The World

Let us hope that like a crooked second hand car salesman the crooked elements can begin to learn that the only way we can really win is together with the rest of the world.

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