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1 Analysis - is all about human understanding of things, EconomicsScience and Society.

2 Synthesis - is all about human creation, anything we make Art, Computers, Entrepreneuring, and Robotics.

3 The World - is about humanity's world, this human mess!

9 Under Development is unfinished half baked semi-nonsense and really not intended for public consumption.

On this website you will now find the work of many others so it isn't just "my drop in the ocean" any more, in many cases I am just the editor, however some pieces of my work are listed below.

If the top of a page has the word "UNFINISHED" in its first line it means it may be disappointing to read it. It is only there because Google Sites provides no way to hide unfinished work.

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This website still has sufficiently few readers that I can respond to corrections, comments, opinions and most valuable of all criticism and argument. Please send these to:


It is an instinctive drive of mine to try to understand and write about what I think I may have understood in the hope that it will prove useful to others. This is what I think is fun. Yes I like thinking not drinking which is getting into your head not out of it. Don't ask me why, I haven't figured it out yet.


These are my grounding principles for what I express;
  • I am not loyal to any particular opinion or idea other then that observation and reason are the tools of truth.
  • It is always my objective to seek out and communicate with people who can substantiate an opposing viewpoint.
It is a personal choice to function this way.

I judge another person by their work not their intellect, i.e. I prefer a person who believes bunk who does good work than a person who believes the truth who does bad work, and so I do not always try to undermine a person's faith. Which is why, unlike Richard Dawkins, I am an Atheist who can work constructively with religious people. (See The Selfish Gene) for more of my criticism of Dawkins.)


Born in 1961 a natural scientist and engineer more interested as a child by the rusty remains of technology then by the joys of a summer picnic, yet inspired by the simplicity of the sand, the sea and the sun which bring a clarity to life that cannot be surpassed. (Mathematics done in the sand has far more permanence in the mind then that done with paper and ink.)

I could never resist the temptation of analysis or the passion of synthesis I see in science and engineering.

I try to be interested in as little as possible so as to maintain some focus. However in so far as the list on the left is long, I have failed.


My frustration with the world is summarised by this video.

YouTube Video

What's New on the Site 

11th May 2015

Surrogate Mother. Ms Justice Russell appears to have chosen to ignore the clear evidence that the mother was not a surrogate, making this case a sham! Surrogate Mother Sham Ms Justice Russell

28th August 2013

Alleged false flag chemical attack on Syrian civilians by rebels organised by British Contractors. See Syria,

5th January 2013

When Einstein is diagnosed with Asberger's syndrome and therefore considered autistic I think something has gone very wrong! See Autism for more on the diagnosis and the extension of the diagnosis to include any intellectuals with social issues.

21th September 2012

My life for a laptop with a matte screen and at least 1024 lines resolution. Samsung Chromebook with Ubuntu 11.04 See Chromebook but its slow brother.

12th August 2012

Beautiful Robots See Robotics 

6th August 2012 

Looking for a name for a new science?

So when it comes to the crunch what do mathematics, pneumatics, schematics and diplomatics have in common? Or arithmetics and cosmetics? Or biology and vexillology?

Well its one fine mess I tell you. See Words  

10th April 2012

"Evil Abu Hamza faces trial in U.S." Says the Startlingly Simple Sun Snoozepaper. Is this man an Evil terrorist, or just another Muslim victim picked from Speakers Corner. I am still looking for any seditious speech of his. Read more Sheikh Abu Hamza Al Masri If your a Muslim they will probably arrest you just for reading it.

29th January 2012

A complete update of Linux Hardware for those wanting to put a system together from £230 to £800 pounds. Thats Linux Ubuntu 11.04 of course.

13th November 2011

St.Paul's Speech original text of the long speech. The short speech will be posted in the next four days.

3rd November 2011: Assange case rigged?

In accordance with the Extradition Act 2003 Section 13(b) the extradition of Julian Assange must be barred. See Wikileaks for more stuff.

2nd November 2011

My Julian Assange Speech After my St.Paul's Speech I had hoped for a little more interest in this speech. I was treated to an audience of two! Never the less I started so I finished. On a more serious note today witnessed a great travesty of justice. Read the speech to find out more. The extradition is illegal.

23rd October 2011

St.Paul's Speech for those interested.

1st August 2011

Often Religious people are confused as to how a scientist can explain morality. For those people, I shall also explain how I think science went astray in suggesting that morality had no purpose, by looking at some statements of Richard Dawkin's who represents the views of many, whom I believe are deeply mistaken and also providing links to some Adam Curtis documentaries. See The Selfish Gene 

25th April 2011

I have just put together some high spec Ubuntu 10.10 Computers for £750, £1000 and £1150. I found the web unhelpful in giving me all I needed to know to do this, so I have documented the complete process. See Linux Hardware

18th March 2011

The zirconium (Zircaloy) fuel cladding at Fukushima is a very important issue.

Julian Assange speaks at Cambridge Read it

13th March 2011

Have your say about my website in the discussion group. If you start a new topic, please put in a link to the page on the website it is about. Thanks.

The Discussion Group

24th February 2011

Its all still here but its moved about. A new heading World contains stuff about just that, what is going on in the world. The heading Synthesis contains stuff about things that are made by people, art or engineering that kind of thing. Then the heading Analysis contains things to do with understanding reality, like science, economics and social studies. I hope this reorganisation works.

22th January 2011

There are huge changes to the Wikileaks pages and sub-pages. Next court hearing 7th and 8th of Feb probably at Belmarsh Magistrates Court. See Wikileaks for other stuff.

Happy Christmas to All

It is hard to have a happy Christmas with injustice so obviously in my face. I have done so little for Christmas this year. When the Berlin Wall fell and the cold war ended I thought we all hoped for something better, but I forgot that evil would find something else to do.

Happy Christmas

22th December 2010

In a letter to the Guardian, Lady Ludford wrote that past cases showed that it was “not a legitimate purpose for an EAW to be used to conduct an investigation to see whether that person should be prosecuted”. She added: “Normal cross-border cooperation on collection of evidence or interrogation of suspects called ‘mutual legal assistance’, using for example video-conferencing or a summons for temporary transfer of a suspect, should be used when more appropriate. “I urge the UK courts to refuse to allow the Assange EAW to be a fishing expedition without a pending actual prosecution. EU rules should be properly respected so that the integrity of the European arrest warrant process is protected.”

Latest on Julian Assange Wikileaks

15th December 2010

It would be most unfortunate if an old sexual partner of Julian Assange from the UK were to seek to prosecute him in the UK as I believe this would delay the extradition to Sweden. Naturally no one would want to do such a thing. No one would be so devious as to try to obstruct the course of justice? Or would they?

Please follow this link for more on this where you will find most of the previous material and a decent timeline Wikileaks

3rd December 2010

Stirring the shit storm, we are at the mercy of speculators who rarely understand what is going on. Yes economics is more about rumours then anything real and most "investment" today is not that at all, it is either debt investment or attempts to rock the markets and profit from the changes. Read and watch Speculator or Investor and more importantly Profit from Failure a chilling warning.

28th Oct 2010

There has been a lot going on but not on this site. I have been changing the economics section a bit and of course getting my ideas straight at the same time. There is still a lot to be done with the rest of the site as it really only provides links that interested me and may interest you also.

16th Sep 2010

A few thoughts on the psychology of Good and Evil and lady gaga's meat dress! (Disgusting I think!)

10th Sep 2010

There is a lot of new YouTube films and although they say you could look at them on YouTube it does take a while to find them. Also I have themed them a bit though this process isn't finished by any means. So as I say to visitors when they visit my house, "Please excuse the mess!" Thank you.

8th Sep 2010

Take a look at Biology for some inspiring stuff, its in the sub-pages. Also see Cooperation for some interesting thoughts on the biology of war. Its funny believe it or not.

3rd Sep 2010

I have spent some time now sifting through material in relation to 9/11 and frankly I am tired. Most of the interesting stuff is linked to from my pages under A Covert Empire which remain unfinished and scattered with my notes. I have decided to step back and look at how to deals with this information.

  • There are direct questions of fact.
  • There are many "allegations" in the public domain, hypothesis attributing responsibility for catastrophes of one form or another.

What it all highlights for me is that unless you understand the concept of allegation, and;-
  • how to class and deal with evidence in relation to allegations, you are lost.
  • If you don't understand real science and engineering, you are lost.
  • If you don't understand human psychology, you are lost.