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The Turner Prize

Another turner prize, when will it all end?

What is left that is fine in fine art? What are the excuses for flashing lights in an empty room or canvases painted with two types of of the same colour paint. Video tapes that play dull scenes of everyday life . "Empty" is the word that best describes some of this work, and "work" is not the word for it. I do not wish to tarnish all fine art by any means there really is some fine work out there but the vast majority really is nothing but a celebration of empty concepts.
Perhaps "I just don't understand it" but in reply I can say "Perhaps they just don't understand me!"

Perhaps it is not my responsibility to understand them but their responsibility to give me understanding, or who is doing the work, the artist or the audience?

Most fine art appears to demand little from the artist and a great deal from the audience.

For those fine artists who believe I should work to understand what they produce, here is my own turner prize entry.

The Emperor's New Clothes!

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