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Ubuntu Gnome 3 Revolt

When you really hate Gnome 3 but Love Ubuntu then....

The Problem Ubuntu 11.04

Recently Ubuntu did a terrible thing! They stopped supporting Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal, it seems common these days to give every release version a silly name) the result is many users of Ubuntu 11.04 have been cursing openly on the net. Later versions of Ubuntu and many other linux distros assume that we want to use the gnome 3 desktop which is actually designed for touch screens and so is totally awful for keyboard users. It also assumes that you are so dumb that all you might ever want to do is listen to music, look at pictures and play videos!

The Solution MATE

MATE with Ubuntu

The solution has been provided to the world by a team that are continuing to develop the Gnome 2 desktop under the name MATE. That is the desktop with menus and other useful things.

Once you have installed either Ubuntu or Xubuntu 13.04 you can then install MATE by following the instruction on this link.

How to Install MATE Desktop on Ubuntu 13.04

After a reboot that's it.

MATE on Sabayon Linux

The Sabayon distro comes with MATE and is based on Gentoo. It is a very nice in many ways but has the following problems;
  1. It comes with Google Chrome web browser. Once you have installed the Firefox web browser you descover it takes 15 seconds to start up every time!
  2. File copies between hard drives can slow down to below 10Mb/s when thousands of small files are copied.
  3. The system wont update until you: TODO
Fedora also do a MATE desktop distro which seems not as good as Sabayon but based on it.

MATE on Piuma Linux

Wouldn't work on my system. Screen Driver problem.

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