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If you landed on this page straight from Google you should start on the Linux Hardware page which details how the hardware was chosen. Here is only the build for a specific system.

Updated: 2012-01-25
Classification: M5A78L-AMDSem-4gb-HD250Gb

WARNING: I have not built and tested this but a similar system based on the obsolete socket AM3 Asus M4N68T-M LE V2 motherboard but otherwise the same. It made sense to recommend a socket AM3+ motherboard.

Parts List

  • £16  Casecom CM-267 Black MicroATX Case - No PSU
  • £40 Asus M5A78L-M LX V2 Socket AM3+ onboard VGA 8 channel Audio mATX Motherboard Integrated ATI Radeon HD 3000 GPU
  • £25 AMD Sempron 140 2.7GHz Socket AM3 1MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor
  • £21 Kingston 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz i5 Memory Kit CL9 1.5V KVR1333D3N9K2/4G
  • £17 CIT 400W Power supply GOLD 12cm Fan 1x SATA
  • £55 Western Digital WD2500BPVT 250GB 2.5" Hard Drive SATAII 5400rpm 8MB Cache - OEM
  • £18 Samsung SH-S222AL 22x DVD±RW DL & RAM with LightScribe SATA Optical Drive - Retail Box Black
  • £35 VATax

£230  inc VAT Order Total    

I have checked that the memory and processor are listed as compatible with the mother board, but I have not built this. I would fully expect Linux to run on it but I cannot be sure. Let me know if you buy this rig and it does.

This rig has some very nice upgrade possibilities for RAM up to 8Gb which frankly is plenty and it could be faster with overclocking, and processor up to FX-8150 3.3GHz 8 Core 125W CPU. Mind you that would set you back £150 instead of £25.

Also I am a great fan of;
  • £16.00 StarTech.com 5.25in Trayless Hot Swap Mobile Rack for 3.5in Hard Drive
this gives you the opportunity to have an additional removable hard drives with different operating systems on them.


I have neither bought nor built exactly the PC described here but I have bought this memory and CPU so unless the case, HD or PSU and now motherboard mess things it up it should work. Of course that is if Ubuntu 11.04 recognises the Integrated ATI Radeon HD 3000 GPU!

Installing Ubuntu 11.04 to boot from the HD

You may want to switch off the awful new desktop. When you come to the login screen select your name but before you enter the password look at the very bottom of the screen. One of those menus allows you to select Ubuntu Classic.

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