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Your laptop or your life! Yes laptops now are soooo much worse than they used to be. Glossy screens you cant see which hardly anybody likes (See PC Pro Survey, Which Magazine and Fed up with glossy screens?)

Screen resolutions that make you whimper 1024 x 768 for god sake its almost television 625 lines! I had a laptop that was 1600x1400 once and I used it.

So after much searching the Chromebook has a half decent matte 12" screen with 1280 x 800 but only 16Gb SSD 2Gb RAM 4 x Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N570 @ 1.66GHz its actually 2 core but it looks like 4.

Google chrome OS is crap because everybody knows that working off line is very important and that working online to do word processing for example is stupid.

So of course we need Ubuntu 11.04 on this machine. Below are the links so you can install it, and I did.

Here is the bad news there is only 5.8 Gb of your SSD free. I have yet to understand the partitioning as the Linux partition is 9.7 Gb but there are some other partitions named C-ROOT and other stuff. I currently have not found how to stop this being a duel boot system.

As far as I understand it the version of Ubuntu 11.04 that the below procedure installs sits on the version of the Linux kernel used by Chrome OS because the bios demands it. Until we find a new bois we are stuck with Chrome. Isn't it about time that somebody made a decent computer again. When I had a glossy dark CRT screen in 1987 it was the best we had!

Anyway on the good side this is the best I can find without a glossy screen under £300. I actually bought a Meenee and returned it. They lied!. They all have glossy screens and they are built with low quality plastics. The only other machine I love is this ASUS but it has a glossy screen and 768 lines and its sold by Currys  the worst retailer ever.

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

Well it's the cheapest laptop that is small 1.5KG, has 1280x800 resolution, 8 hour battery life, a matt screen AND no windoz, just google chrome. On the down side its a bit slow with a duel Intel Atom.

Google chrome? Its ok for ...... browsing the internet and almost nothing else, and it isn't too good at that! So of course you want to put linux on it.

I followed the steps here but had to go back and relogin a few times but it worked Installing Ubuntu on Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

More information that might shed light on what the steps were for can be found here and I think it is important background reading. Logo The Chromium Projects - Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

The script they actually use to install it came from here I think and this side could be useful for other things. Chromebook Linux and this Ubuntu 11.04 for the Cr-48 is ready!

And here is a real explaination of what is going on! Including the partitioning. How to boot Ubuntu on a Cr-48
I get the impression that the only real difference between Cr-48 and the 5s is the position of the developer switch.

Lets take it apart here Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook Teardown


One day perhaps somebody will listen to the customers and start making something we want properly. All the Chromebook needs is Ubuntu 11.04.

The last time I actually bought a laptop, my Maxdata was about 10 years ago. I would have bought 2 in this period if they had the resolution and a matte screen. Why are sales down? Ask yourself.

Its sad when the only way to get the laptop you want is to hack it.


Computer - Samsung Chromebook 5

CPU Blowfish         1000 MHz    10.383
CPU CryptoHash    1000 MHz    80.725
CPU Fibonacci        1000 MHz    8.245
CPU N-Queens      1000 MHz    32.415
FPU FFT                1000 MHz    7.743
FPU Raytracing      1000 MHz    64.401 

Computer - AMD-200 like system see below

CPU Blowfish         1500 MHz    7.395
CPU CryptoHash    1500 MHz    202.362
CPU Fibonacci        1500 MHz    2.504
CPU N-Queens      1500 MHz    10.863
FPU FFT                1500 MHz    3.503
FPU Raytracing      1500 MHz    10.405   (Possibly using GPU on motherboard M4N68T-M LE V2)

Other Benchmarks

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