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Or "How to be appreciated - financially" as it was once called. It worked for me the author. When I wrote this I had next to nothing, in 2005 I sold my half of Nexus Alpha Ltd for £750K.

“Let not success be left to the winds of fate.” Sun Tzu

Micro-Entrepreneuring is the art of very small business. It is the art of starting a business with one person and very little money. Such a business could be called a Micro-Business. So therefore this text is focused on both business and the personal development of the individual, in the direction of becoming a micro-entrepreneur.

Please don’t read this material from the beginning to the end. It is a reference text and so although there is some order to it, it is quite correct to dip in to any topic of interest at any time. Much of the text won’t be relevant to you. Read now, only what attracts you now, what is relevant now or risk wasting your time and becoming disheartened.

As I develop my business, gain experience in life and learn from others, I find out more about the topics I am trying to cover here and I therefore revise a section. I am never really satisfied. But for fear of never releasing this text I present it anyway, as it is.

EXPECTATIONS: Once you have read the the rest of this page you might like to ask yourself the questions on this handout for the course. After all it is important to have realistic expectations and also important to see if they are met at the end of the day. Best wishes to you.

What follows is a brief description of each of the sections to help you decide if the section is of interest to you. 

1. Preface

This section is here to guide you through the text, to tell you its history, its objectives, the copyright rules,  a bit about the author and lastly to whom the text is dedicated.

2. Your Direction

This section should be read if you are uncertain or unrealistic about your goals. I is intended to help you establish your goals in various areas of life and to get those goals on paper as an expression of your commitment to them.


3. Your Time

This section is to look at how you use your time. To help you get the best out of your time. It covers basic time management.

4. Your Mind

This section looks at ways that being human can actually stop us being effective, the way bad feelings can grow and interfere with living and happiness. What is positive thinking? Attitudes, such as confidence, can influence us a lot, here we look at ways of understanding confidence and other attitudes so as to see how they can be improved.

5. Origination

Here we look at the creative process. We understand the processes of innovation that will help us to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. To plan and research as necessary to reach our goals using the resources at our disposal.

6. Society

Understanding society is essential for doing business with it and for changing society for the better. It looks at our attitudes in society. It looks at the basics of co-operation and why it is advantageous, but then we look at strategies for dealing with situations when we cannot find a co-operative relationship.
No discussion on society would be complete without inclusion of two very human things, communication and money.

Communication is the key to human society and makes human societies much larger than any other animal society. Understanding it is key to business.
Money is the root of all evil it is claimed. If you have a group of ten or more you can play the trading game in this section and see how money has huge advantages over barter and simple exchange.

7. Business

First this section considers some of the basics of starting a business, almost a list of key points to consider. Then it looks at what a business is, the anatomy of a business, the essential parts of a healthy business. Two important topics are the growth of the brand (the reputation) of the business and the physical growth of the business its self. Lastly it looks at advertising, market research and selling.

© Tom de Havas 2000. The information under this section is my own work it may be reproduced without modification but must include this notice.