2.3 Failing

It may seem that after such a positive start, it would seem a little pre-emptive to consider failure. Indeed almost a negative and sinful thing to consider failure at a time when we need every positive thought we can get. Of course we want whole heartedly to reach our goals. But there can be no doubt that we will have setbacks and failures along the way and if we are unprepared for them they will cost us dearly. If we are prepared for them then the cost will be much less. The mountaineer ties themselves on with a rope, they consider that they might slip or fall on their ascent up the mountain. This preparation allows them to reach their goal.

Learning to fail effectively with minimal cost to your heart and your pocket is the most valuable skill you could ever learn.

It is better to be good at failing and not so good at succeeding then good at succeeding and not so good at failing!

Missing one opportunity for success won’t kill you, a bad failure might.

As you take each step, consider the risk of failure. Understand the exact nature of the risk, the cost, what you may loose, the likely hood of the loss. Use this to make choices regarding the path to take to your goals. Don’t be afraid of risk, take the time to understand it and thus reduce it, then proceed.

FAILURE: What failures might have been less severe if you had considered failure as a possibility.

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