2.1 You Are Here


To often we are told to be realistic without really knowing what realism or reality are! I hope that now the issue can be cleared up a little by taking a look at some of reality, and getting some sense of proportion!

THE UNIVERSE: To help get some picture of the size of us in comparison to the place in which we are, the universe. This is reality!

Exercise: Look at a picture of a galaxy. We have all seen ones like it before but although we see the picture we don't really see what it represents because what it represents is to vast for us to really know, the concept of the galaxy is an abstraction to us.

When we live from day to day we feel little of the real universe, day to day issues and immediate needs take over, there is not often a connection made in our minds between every day things and the galaxy in which we live and yet we are aware of the concepts of both.

I would like you to take the next few minutes in silence to try in your mind's eye to bring these two concepts together - the intangible abstract idea of the galaxy and the very tangible world around you.

Where in your experience do the two things meet?

How do they effect each other?

2 minutes silence please......

One of the reasons for bringing this up is that this problem of trying to relate the tangible to the abstract and make the two meet is exactly the kind of problem we have of trying to relate now and what we are doing now (the tangible) to what we want and where we hope to be years from now (the abstract), how do we relate these two? How do we decide what to do now so as to change what will happen years from now? When we look at the night sky we catch a glimpse of the size of the Universe.


The Earth is born and life begins.

Your origins are obscure, your planet was born 4.6 billion years ago and the first life forms arose only a billion years later. You, it seems, have been shaped by the environment, the very hand of nature, from these early life forms. As for what you recognise as humanity, they seem to be quite modern creatures, being perhaps only 100,000 years old.
(1 billion = 1,000,000,000)

Co-operation and communication leads to the immortality of knowledge.

About 500 million years ago living cells joined to form multi-celled organisms and now many animals work together to form multi-celled societies. One animal has excelled in this. Humanity, why? It isn‘t because it is necessarily cleverer than the other animals, no. But this animal has learned to communicate like no other, thus for this animal knowledge does not die with the individual, the most complex ideas can be passed from one person to another, from older to younger and so they have been for thousands of years. And so it is that they, or you, have become the most powerful creatures on the planet. Be that for better or for worse.


From your father and mother.

You live for a ridiculously short period of 70 years and you were built in your mother on the basis of a plan written out on a medium called DNA. The plan that actually made you was constructed by splicing together parts of your father's plan and parts of your mother's plan. The intricacies of this process are still being worked out but it is the implications that are interesting.

You came from 1 billion ancestors, thirty generations ago.

You are the expression of a natural plan based on those from whom you have descended. One generation ago that was two people, your parents. Two generations ago it was four people. Ten generations ago that was 1024 people and thirty generations ago that was one billion people approximately, more than the population of the world at that time.

You will have around one billion descendants in thirty generations.

If all your descendants have two children each, then in thirty generations or about 1000 years you will have one billion descendants. Of course so will everybody else and what is more they will be roughly the same one billion people.

Your life is your vote.

So you are a sort of focus of genes that have come together from the past and will be dispersed again in the future. You are a part of humanity, but your life is just your momentary chance to influence the future of humanity. It is your vote, take it, so as to influence the quality of your life, those around you and the quality of the lives of those who come after you.
The world though an insignificant speck in a pretty ordinary galaxy, just happens to be where you live and work. And in comparison to you its still rather big, though you are such smart little creatures that you have managed to overcome the problem somewhat with modern transport and telecommunications being what they are. In fact you have come a long way since you first played with fire half a million years ago.


Dealing with the world as it is, to influence the environment.

What is the secret of your success? You stopped trying to deal with the world as you wanted it to be and started to deal with it as it was, even if you didn‘t like it! You stopped wishing that you could fly and moaning about not having wings like birds do, and you looked for a way to fly, a way that didn‘t break the rules of the world around you. You stopped just letting your environment influence you and you looked for ways to influence it.

RESOLUTION TO REALITY: If you deal with the world as it is, not the world as you would like it to be, success has a good start. Play your game by its rules, to get what you want. And don‘t worry to much that the world isn‘t perfect because hopefully, you will have made it a little more perfect, before you leave.
Can you think of ways to avoid reality that you and other people use?

When might it be a good time to avoid reality?


And there is one other very important thing to do with reality and that is truth. Truth is not a personal thing. Truth is about reality and we all share reality and thus also truth. We all of course have our own views about reality, our own models of how it works and these models may be personal, but they are not truth in themselves. They merely reflect truth in so far as they successfully model reality. So this text is not going to help you to find your own personal truth, but it will help you to build your own personal model of a part of reality.

Some say “If you believe something enough it will happen.” If belief was the motivator that made things happen we would have spent more time on it historically and less on hard work. Belief and hard work must be together.

You don't matter to the universe, what you do doesn't matter, how you fail or succeed doesn't matter and how you die doesn't matter. You matter to those who you love and who love you. Your love can extend as far as yourself, for some it doesn't extend this far, or  it may extend as far as your friends, village, country, humanity, earth, the solar system or the universe. That is the power of love. Make love where there was nothing.

Your vision is your flight, within reality we are all looking for a way to fly.
You don‘t have an obligation to be a success! Like selling art for money, do it for the love of art.

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