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I am not an activist I am a solutionist. I seek a solution not a fight.
I am a realist not an idealist, and I know that realism is always more complex than idealism.

I know that every class of people from the lowest to the highest has a tendency towards the cultivation and nurture of their own story, from the working classes as heros to upper-classes as destined to lead. Both are myths, very destructive myths. There is good and evil in every class of society and in every person.

These myths reflect the fact that people would rather back someone in their own team who is wrong, than someone in the other team who is right. We have to understand that it is not people we must fight, but it is the conflicting stories in their heads that we must reconcile with each other and reality.

The stories may represent only part of reality or not even reality at all. They may have been planted as an act of deliberate deception or may have grown their themselves as a result of faulty observation or reasoning. They may have propagated because they were simple or sensational rather than true and real.

These defective stories form the justifications for action against others. They lead to social failure and physical conflict and destruction which is unacceptable and costly in every respect.

What is your story and what are your actions?

Resolving conflicting stories and reconciling them to reality, is the reasonable road to peace.

Since there can be little doubt that "The one that controls the story controls the people."

Where has your story come from?

Some people are gardeners of the social story, planting here and pruning there. They all say, it is for the greater good. But for whose greater good? Who gardens your story?

There are those gardeners who work to promote or suppress stories, never hindered by reality, they are often found trying to plan the deceptions that will justify the actions they will perform or have performed against others. They often say that deception is necessary, and that they will choose some others to sacrifice, for the greater good. They seek your trust.

There are those gardeners who work to reconcile stories with each other and are ever seeking the reality, they are often found trying to understand the other point of view. They often say that the truth is necessary, and that some will choose themselves to sacrifice, for the greater good. They seek your trust also. 

To whom will you give it?

Nafeez Ahmed 2004 "The War on Freedom"

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