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JFK Assassination

When I first saw the film JFK I assumed it was fiction rather like The Last King of Scotland is. However as I looked into to it it started to become history. This is not to say that the film is an accurate portrayal of what happened. But it presents a hypothesis that appears to be firmly based on the available information. If anybody knows otherwise or can correct what I have written please email me.

http://www.maryferrell.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page is the best source of documentary evidence.

Time Line

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Issues List

There are many issues in relation to this assassination but I will only add the issues here as I get time to look at them. Many of the Issues are raised in the film JFK in the scene with Mr X. Here are linkes to the YouTube films.
Conversation with Mr. X - Part 1 of 2
Conversation with Mr. X - Part 2 of 2

The Christchurch Star

(Mentioned at 3 mins 15 secs into part 1 of film above.) The New Zealand newspaper the Christchurch Star published an account of the JFK Assassination with more detail and sooner then some might have expected. There is considerable confusion surrounding this point.

New Zealand time was 19 hours ahead.
Dallas       New Zealand
Fri 1230    Sat 0730    Assassination
Fri 1355    Sat 0855    Oswald arrested
Fri 1605    Sat 1105    Oswald's first interrogation over this is mentioned in the paper.

Paper published early afternoon at 1:30 pm or 2:15 - 2:30 pm depending on the edition. If the Paper was out at 1430 NZ Time that allowed 3 hours 25 minutes end to end.

See the paper and the comments  The Christchurch Star 23 November, 1963: Kennedy Shot Dead or read on.

Bob Cotton was a reporter at the paper at the time and can recall clearly the events of November 1963. He says that even in 1963 global communication was fast and effective everywhere and an assassination of a US President meant that everything and everyone on the Star worked doubly quick. News then came by AAP and various wire services.

Bob Cotton says that Lee Harvey Oswald was not a stranger to the media. Information on him would have been readily available in US newspapers and media offices and would have been sent out quickly. In 1959 there had been much coverage in newspapers about young men defecting to the Soviet Union and Oswald's defection had been covered in detail in The Washington Post, The Washington Evening Star and The New York Times. Again it was widely reported when Oswald, now with a Russian wife and child, returned to the United States in 1962. The portrait of him in the Christchurch Star had appeared in The Fort Worth Press on 16 November 1963.

The issue regarding this news is not that it was published before it happened but that there was a lot about Oswald given that he was still only a suspect for the assassination.
However Oswald was arrested at 1355 and so the press had 3 hours to search for information on Oswald before the first interrogation ended at 1605 and the story was wired out.

Thus the appearance of the news story in the time interval given does not seem totally extraordinary. Thus this particular issue is probably a "red herring".

JFK and 9/11 - Insights Gained From Studying Both

Peter Dale Scott

Google Video

LBJ's Mistress

An interesting testimony if it is to be believed. Perhaps ignore the title which implies this is the whole story.

YouTube Video

Interview with Oliver Stone

This is an interview with Oliver Stone. Done by Danish TV2 in 1991.
Notice the comments of Pierre Salinger at 4m25s  "There are so many theories about the death of JFK...So many theories that don't have much proof to them." That is the point! The theories are disinformation but the one point that is important is that it was not a loan nut. There is a great deal to prove that. Given Oswald's CIA connections and evidence for more than one assassin and the Warren commissions insistence on a single assassin, these are grounds for serious investigation. Of course there are loads of stupid conspiracy theories. That's how you do a cover up.

YouTube Video


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