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By way of introduction let me say that everything that appears under this heading is not necessarily what I would call "reasoned truth". Much of what is here simply needs further investigation. There are many hypotheses that may need to be falsified and should they survive those attempts then like scientific theories they will stand. I need people to help in this process, but you must understand that I am not looking for the kind of people who are not enthusiastic to explore the other point of view, within the framework of reason and scientific reality that is. This does not mean that issues will not be added that seem to be unscientific nonsense should they be the subject of public concern, but they will be dispatched swiftly with a clear argument and the investigation will be closed.

Untruth is not just lies and deliberate deception or distraction but also ill conceived deceptions and distractions based on mistakes and ignorance such as a lack of understanding of basic science.

There are many arguments to the effect that people cannot be expected and are not interested in understanding the real justifications why society should be directed in a particular way and therefore they must be given pseudo simplistic justifications that will put them at peace, so that leadership may direct society in the way that is best.

In support of this view are the often wrong simplistic justifications and analysis of situations generated by the population its self; blame the rich, blame the poor, blame the bankers, blame the politicians, blame the military etc. etc. Against this background a propaganda machine has evolved to supply thoughts to the masses.

Involved in the management of the masses are the more visible elements that are quite open such as the "spin doctors" of political parties in the UK whose job it is to produce the propaganda for consumption by the media, to the more clandestine organisations working in the shadows, "secret services" with licences to kill and commit, what most would consider crimes, in what they may consider to be the "national interest".

An objective examination of the role of these organisations, in particular after the end of the cold war is well overdue. With particular consideration being given to the way the Military Industrial Complex MIC has been involved in the promotion of conflict leading to sales, leading to its own survival. After all nobody and no organisation wants to die even when its time is up. The MIC is no different. See Military Industrial Complex and watch the Eisenhower videos.

What is disappointing to me is that we have huge technical resources that are focussed on producing the machines for offensive rather than defensive war that have always been produced. Two things need to happen. A new focus on real defence for real people and a focus on the other technical issues that can truly advance humanity.

The sub-pages of this sub-section are not promoted as wholly true. Indeed David Shayler the MI5 whistle blower's comments on 9/11 and that steel does not melt until over 2000C shows he does not know that it softens at far lower temperatures than the melting point. However his talk does give an insight into operations within his former organisation. I have also included some disinformation films some of which may have been created intentionally but some are simply created by those with imagination who through a lack of understanding of basic science cannot refute what they have created. Some disinformation stories are so sensational that they never die and live for generations even though they cannot be true.

I hope that I have remained objective but I leave you to judge. I do not believe in any great conspiracy or that any of the afore mentioned organisations are full of people bent on doing evil. However there are both ignorant and evil people across all organisations and all we can do is try to help the good people in those organisations prevail.

YouTube Video

Carroll Quigley's book Tragedy and Hope, here is his text;

" The whole purpose of secrecy in government should not be to keep information from other states (this is almost impossible) but to make it as difficult as possible for other
states to get certain information, so that, when they do get such restricted information, it will be so intermingled with other information and misinformation that it cannot be
evaluated promptly enough to do them much good. Any espionage system gets more information than it can handle rapidly. Any country should assume that the enemy has all
its own secret information. The lessons of past history fully support this assumption.

Following every war the discovery is made that the enemy, during the war, had every other state's most cherished secrets. In fact, the most successful kind of counter-espionage work is achieved, not by preventing access to secrets, but by permitting access to information which is not true. This was done most successfully in 1943 in preparing the American invasion of Sicily, which was a surprise to the Germans because they had been
provided, through their espionage in Spain, with false information about an invasion of the Balkans. The Germans had a somewhat similar success through their Operation North Pole by which the Germans successfully took over and operated the French Underground and the associated British espionage net in a large part of France for about a year. Finally, it is not generally recognized by outsiders that almost all the information gathered by any espionage net is non-secret material fully available to anyone as public information. Even in work against a super-secret area like the Soviet Union or in nuclear "secrets" this is
true. Allen Dulles said that more than go percent of the information which the C I A gathers on the Soviet Union is non-secret. Soviet espionage reports on the United States
must contain at least 97 percent non-secret material."

They came first for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and by that time no one was left to speak up.


The difference between propaganda and information is that the informer tries to give you all the available information, while the propagandist has an opinion and collects information to support that opinion.

In gathering links to information I have tried to avoid putting "dumb" links that have little information content but point out some puff of smoke or other and suggest it proves that 9/11 was a conspiracy. However I have put links that give a lot of detailed information. I have not necessarily checked that the information is true because often I cannot.

I intend to look more deeply into the issues of information and counter-information and what are the different classes of evidence. But this is a TODO. Anyway in the mean time I hope you may find the links interesting.

Decent or Subversion

It should be clear to any good citizen of any democratic government that they have a right to speak freely and criticise their government so that their government can consider the points raised and possibly improve as a result. Such criticism does not represent support for the other side. It does not weaken us but strengthens us.

Roy Jenkins in the 1970s said of MI5 “The political surveillance role, involving a fine and cool judgement between what is subversion and what is political dissent,is inherently unsuited to be performed by those who live in the distorting world of espionage and counter-espionage.” In 1990 The House of Commons Intelligence and Security Committee chairman Tom King said of MI6 “The cloak of secrecy has been used to cover inadequacies and serious lapses in expenditure control.”

The suggestion that those who raise this issue are opposed to the nations responsible is a gross error. It is through our nations ability to accept self criticism and act constructively for change that we as nations may claim our position at the head of other nations who suppress and ignore criticism from their people and which are run first for their leaders and secondly for their people.

We must never forget it is only through the liberty our nations uphold, the freedom of information and open government, that we may learn of our leaders errors and as a people can speak out, without fear, and perhaps help to correct them so we can be proud of ourselves and our nations once again, but already these freedoms are being attacked.

It is our patriotic duty to stand up against the demise of liberty and justice for what is our kingdom without them.

© Tom de Havas 2011. The information under this section is my own work it may be reproduced without modification but must include this notice.





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Political Detainees

By listing these individuals I am not suggesting their innocents or guilt in respect of any particular accusations. However they are listed here because they cases against them are flimsy and the motives for their detention apparently political.

Aaron Swartz

Breaking: The Feds just indicted Aaron Swartz, former exec director of civil liberties and Internet freedom group Demand Progress for downloading too many journal articles for his research.


Bradley Manning

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Strauss Kahn

Newsmaker: Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Hay guys he called the hotel twice to get his phone and told them where he was and thought the police brought it with them. What a set up! and all to try and break the euro! Dominique Strauss-Kahn 'tried to claim diplomatic immunity'

Its in French but this is Ann Sinclair's blog. (Wife of Strauss Kahn) Needless to say she is critical of the US ragime " Deux ou trois choses vues d'Amérique " ... however they can take that. Its the success of the Euro that they cannot deal with and the fact that the European Union even with the PIIGS is still in much better shape than the US. Greek Tragedy II was not working so they had to arrest the head of the IMF to disrupt things. Play the sexual intrigue card, the masses love it. I have to ask is it not getting a bit tired now. Funny how people get sexual just at critical times before elections or in this case just before an important IMF meeting about Greece. God bless America!

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Violent Groups


Insurgents are defined as citizens of a country using violence to overthrow a government of that country that was not placed there by a foreign power.

The leading rebel group, the National Front for the Salvation of Libya reportedly had been backed by the CIA in the 1980 The US must end its illegal war in Libya now | Dennis Kucinich | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk


Resistance are defined as citizens of a country using violence to repel an invader or a government of that country placed there by a foreign power.


Terrorist are attempting to achieve a goal through the use of destruction and violence where the acts are not intended to achieve the compliance of others by fear and terror.


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Civil Liberties

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Covert Action

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