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Road Worrier Radio

I had been intending to write about conspiracy and propaganda this morning but was side tracked as usual. I had a piece of writing on uncertain origin and so Googled the some of the first sentence

"The whole purpose of secrecy in government should..."
Google returned a link;

Road Warrior Radio (Page 324) The whole purpose of secrecy in government should not be to keep information from other states (this is almost impossible) but to make it as ... roadwarriorradio.com/component/podcast/?view=feed&format=raw

On clicking the link we get to another site entirely;


Very much in a different spirit. Well I didn't give up but sure enough it was clear that road warrior radio had been redirected to this public education site. This certainly isn't the first time that I have found politically sensitive subjects being messed about with. Of course you and I know that our governments would not interfere with the freedom of speech.

After a very deliberate search for "road worrier radio" I found


A radical looking site but when I attempted to play the radio programs on it I just got beautiful music!

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