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1 Low Energy Light Bulbs

It is very sad when decisions regarding energy are put in the hands of people who appear not to understand basics. Recently we have all been forced to use low energy light bulbs. I don't need to list the reasons why many of us don't like them.

But lets be fair and take a real look at how much energy it will save, or perhaps I should say what proportion of domestic energy consumption it would save and ultimately what percentage of total energy consumption.

In 2007 UK energy usage [see page 27 "Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics 2008 ] totalled 165 Million Tonnes of Oil Equivalent (mtoe) The main users were as follows;

  • Transport 60mtoe = Road Transport 43mtoe + Air Transport 14mtoe
  • Domestic 34mtoe
  • Industry 32mtoe
  • Commercial 10mtoe
1 mtoe = 41.868 x 10^15 Joules = 11,630,000,000 Kilowatt hours (kWh)

OK of domestic how much is lighting?

  • Lighting 1.5mtoe

That is 0.9% of total consumption. [see page 24 "Energy Consumption in the United Kingdom" published by the DTI] The low energy bulbs claim is that a 20w bulb is equivalent to a 100w tungsten bulb so the UK energy saving is;

  • 0.7% or in other words a bit less than 1%.

Perhaps they should seriously look at transport, the biggest user.