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Bad and Good Soldiers


Film is a powerful medium that can through the editors knife cut deep into the truth or far away from it. It creates an impression. To get over that impression and begin to answer the question, "was there negligence on the part of the soldiers at any level?", one must ignore the narratives and listen to the words spoken by the soldiers themselves that tell of their own conduct and that of their piers and ask whether this is responsible soldiering whether as a soldier you would want to work with them and whether they themselves should bear responsibility for their approach or whether it is the responsibility of their superiors.

In no way should one assume that the conduct of a few soldiers represents the conduct of the many but there does appear to be a focus on killing and not being killed rather than concern for the well being of civilians. I hope these are exceptions.

"It's the ultimate rush -- you're going into the fight with a good song playing in the background," states one soldier. This is negligence. Ignore the narrators anti-war tone.

YouTube Video

Although the whole feel of this is different there is still a strongly irresponsible approach to the briefings "I know your going to go in there and do what you always have done. Kick some butt."

On the other side of the coin "This is a right fight and were going to win it and we are going to do it with professionalism and with honour." Perhaps was a more appropriate briefing, but one should remember that they all need to think like this, but they don't.

Here the narrative is supportive but again listen to the soldiers good and bad.

"Its just shoot the bad guys and take care of the civilians."

"Marines are agents of Wrath to bring justice on evil doers on wrong doers and that's what they are doing. Bringing the wrath of a just government against an unjust group of individuals, terrorists."

YouTube Video

Here is perhaps a genuinely impartial view of the action which looks reasonable.

YouTube Video

Thank you Erin for this. How much do we need to see.
Listen to and SUPPORT those American Veterans that are now AWAKE and MAD AS HELL!! Original maker of this video is http://www.youtube.com/user/St​opTheRobbery...

Again thanks Erin I wonder why the share buttons never seem to be present on this stuff? Just cut and paste the links.
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