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Some people in the UK will be involved in the development of the Trident systems designed specifically for a committing retaliatory act by UK leadership in the future. In particular people working at the BAE Systems’ yard in Barrow, Cumbria, but there are also others spread across the UK here and there and some in the US. Prior to the contracts for the first generation Trident programme, initial estimates for employment put the figures as high as 20,000 direct and 25,000 indirect jobs. But MoD reports during the 1980s on the progress of Trident construction consistently reduced those figures until, by the mid 1980s, they had declined to only 7,000 direct and 9,000 indirect jobs.

Still if 45,000 people were employed and the current 16 warheads on the submarine were fired causing 2,448,000 deaths that would be 54, people dead for each person who worked on Trident. With a fully loaded submarine it goes up to 650 deaths per employee. Ignoring the injured of course where the figures are much higher.

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