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Unrestricted Warfare

It would seem that in 1999 two colonels in the People's Liberation Army, Qiao Liang (乔良) and Wang Xiangsui (王湘穗) wrote a book entitled 超限战, literally "warfare beyond bounds".

Original Cover

The English translation of the book was made available by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service on the internet in 1999. Reportedly, the United States Naval Academy wrote to the authors to ask for permission in using this book as their official textbook. The book was then published in English by a previously unknown Panamanian publisher, with the Title "Unrestricted Warfare: China's Master Plan to Destroy America" and a picture of the burning World Trade Center on the cover. Amazon

Misrepresentative Cover

These additions were thought to be misinterpretations of the text, not intended by the original authors. A French translation was published in 2003.

The book was not a blueprint for a “dirty war” against the West but a call for innovative thinking on future warfare.

For the uninitiated there are many books on military strategy out there of which the book below is one. If this book was some master plan of China to bring the US to its knees then is it likely that the Chinese authorities would have simply published it? But what is interesting is that economic and other forms of attack are talked about in the book, according to the wikipedia article Unrestricted Warfare from which the below text and pictures come.

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