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The ideas here are just seeds that need a lot of work. If you are the soil in which these seeds can grow then take them and grow them fast. If you do need any more input from me or are not convinced or notice any mistakes please let me know immediately by email;

Questions to be answered still;
What is the current public opinion on all this keep your ears to the ground and ask ask ask. It does appear there is a lot of support though not always visible.

I believe that every campaign slogan must serve to validate a very small number of opinions and to stamp out any false opinions and hearsay. To this end I have tried to provide catchy material with "emotional grab".

XXX should be replaced by an action phrase like;
  • Join group {name}
  • Donate to {name}
  • See {website}
The TODOs mean I haven't quite finished that idea.
These are arranged by what I think is best first not by the numbers. The numbers give a unique reference.

6 Authority versus Liberty 

Picture: Split picture, left authoritarian figure like a dictator, right libertarian figure like JFK.
Caption: Wikileaks refreshes the parts other NGOs cannot reach.

1 US Rights Abuses

  • US Treatment of Bradley Manning and other suspects.
  • Did the US really put all embassy correspondence in the hands of one young man Bradley Manning?
  • Treatment of Adrian Lamo.
Caption: Help get liberty on her feet. XXX
Picture: Classic photo of the statue of liberty but look again. Liberty is on her knees after having received a terrible blow.

Caption: The people of the government, by the government, for the government. Is anything wrong? XXX

Caption: If US interests are human rights violations than Wikileaks has damaged US interests.
Caption: If US interests are world domination than Wikileaks has damaged US interests.

Caption: Bradley Manning, Room Service
TODO Highlight conditions and have more powerfull words.
Picture: of Bradley manning in his cell painted perhaps dark and dismal.

Caption: Constitution what Constitution? XXX
Picture: Political figure holding constitution behind back like naughty school child.
Channels: T shirt, or detailed one page with laws erroding the constitution listed.

Caption: Help Wikileaks to help real Americans find the hidden Swastika.
Picture: A nice American family at the thanks giving table but hidden in the picture are 10 Swastiika.
Problem: Germans may feel this has wider implications than just the Nazis.

Picture: Two nice families sitting around the table one German pre-war one American now.
In 193? the German people did not see it coming? Nor will you? Wikileaks believes you have the right to know. XXX

2 Crimes of Leadership

Caption: In 1993 some people in the US Government lied to you about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Wikileaks believes you have the right to know why? XXX

Picture: Sarah Palin at the fairground in the duck shoot but the ducks are the people on her list.
Caption: Kiss free speech goodbye or XXX

Caption: When the US Raped Iraq did they hold her down? Yes 1,000,000 deaths for oil! XXX

Caption: "I can use Visa and Mastercard or PayPal to pay for porn and support anti-abortion fanatics, Prop 8 homophobic bigots, and the Ku Klux Klan, but I can't use them  to support Wikileaks. XXX

3 You are in Trouble

Picture: ?
They mess up the banks. You pay!
They mess up in government. You pay!
They mess up a war. You pay!
What will you pay for next?
Support Wikileaks and find out.

4 US Military

Caption: Where have all the young men gone? Wikileaks believes you have the right to know. XXX

Caption: I joined the army to fight the bad guys, not to be a bad guy. Wikileaks says American servicemen have the right to know. XXX

Caption: Every soldier expects moral leadership. In the US army will you get it? Sleep at night, demand whats right. Stop torture. XXX

Caption: When luke Skywalker's village was destroyed by the Empire he joined the rebels. When Omar Fahid's Village was bombed by the US he joined the rebels. Why? Wikileaks believes you have the right to know. XXX

Caption: Obama promised justice in the US when will he deliver? Wikileaks believes you have the right to know. XXX

Picture: Picture of an old american town and down the center walks Obama in US military uniform. One side of the street cheers and a big welcome and the other people running for their lives.
Caption: Which is it going t be? Wikileaks believes you have the right to know. XXX

5 Patriotism

: US flag in top left segment of Swedish flag.
Caption: Keep Sweden Swedish. Wikileaks XXX


Email circulars that run?

I have a dream

Defenders of the Constitution
Who are real defenders of the constitution? Wikileaks believes you have the right to know.
These men stood up for justice
A picture of various US soldiers

Expose the crime, incompetence and negligence of authority and prosecute those responsible.

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