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A Video censored by YouTube Staff showing Destruction in Iraq

Support Julian Assange Has the following links from it;

A Video censored by YouTube Staff showing Destruction in Iraq


The best legal analysis is here headoflegal but it is wrong in suggesting Julian's best option is to prove his trial was politically motivated. He simply needs to prove there will be political consequences.

Look out for sites intended to dilute wikileaks and openleaks! I wonder who could be responsible. Notice the popular themes and sensationalism, it should be popular LiveLeaks.com not a leak site at all!

The latest twitterings on the subject http://twitter.com/wikileaks see also http://twitter.com/cableleaks

This site answers important questions about breach of confidentiality and the Diplomatic Cables http://www.cableleaks.com/faq/

This appears to provide capability to search for keywords in the cables http://statelogs.owni.fr/

For the latest daily news relating to released information http://wlcentral.org/

Latest news and protests in relation to Julian Assange Justice for Assange UK

World Events & Protests http://wlcentral.org/events-protests

How to donate http://wikileaks.ch/support.html

The Wikileaks wbsite for now http://wikileaks.ch

Openleaks the competition set up by a guy that left Wikileaks www.openleaks,org

Other Sites that use the word leak. I'm still looking at them;


I have little information on Anonymous as yet but here are some sites dealing with them.