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CNN Assange star turn at WikiLeaks media circus





Wikileaks consists of a hand full of full time staff, hundreds of technical volunteers and servers around the world.

2006 Wikileaks was founded.

2006 Launch
2008 Sarah Palin yahoo emails leaked - critics alleged that account was a way to avoid US public record laws for Governer of alaska.
2009 Climategate leaked internal emails showed data was being manipulated by researchers

10 April released video footage of Helecopter killings in Bagdad
War logs
2010 250000 diplomatic cables showed inner workings of deplomacy

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Wikipedia - Daniel Domscheit-Berg

If this were a dictatorship...

With a knick-knack, bomb Iraq all your money's spent...

Mrs Manning moved to the US in 1979 after marrying Bradley’s American father, Brian, a US serviceman who was based at the nearby American base, Cawdor Barracks, in Brawdy.
Bradley was born in Oklahoma but his parents divorced in 2001 and Mrs Manning moved back to Wales with her son.
He sat his GCSEs at Tasker Milward school in Haverfordwest but returned to America after dropping out of school.
He briefly moved in with his father, getting a job as a greeter at a pizza restaurant, Incredible Pizza, earning a minimum wage of $6.50 (£4.14) an hour. Shortly afterwards, he applied to join the US Army. Read more:

Wikileaks Finance

Most importantly, serious questions must also be asked of the U.S. intelligence system. How was it possible that a 22-year-old Private First Class could get unrestricted access to so much highly sensitive information? And how was it possible that he could copy and distribute these files without anyone noticing that security was compromised? Apparently Wikileaks posting of classified documents revealed the identity of more than 100 Afghan sources to the Taliban. Read More
Sarah Palin on laps security

The whole Julian Assange issue is not entirely clear cut because it is in fact a number of issues;
  • The sexual issue - Are the allegations of Anna Ardin and Sofia Willen true and if so what is the penalty.
  • The Swedish extradition issue 1 - Is this European Arrest Warrent (EAW) valid
  • The Swedish extradition issue 2 - Is the European Arrest Warrent (EAW) law unjust in general
  • The USA extradition issue - If the US extradite to the US will it be a show trial in view of the fact that Bradley Manning whom the US claims is a key witness is currently being intimidated by the authorities there.

The Sexual Issue


The Swedish extradition issue 1

Is this European Arrest Warrent (EAW) valid

The Swedish extradition issue 2

Is the Europian Arrest Warrent (EAW) law unjust in general

The USA extradition issue

If the US extradite to the US will it be a show trial in view of the fact that Bradley Manning whom the US claims is a key witness is currently being intimidated by the authorities there.

The house of cards

Do I prefer authoritarian or libertarian government?

If libertarian do I support Wikileaks approach?

Do I support the European Arrest Warrant?

Do I support Julian Assange?
Did julian Assange commit rape?

Seemingly certain criminal eliments within the US government establishment are busy trying to cook up a sabotage charge against Julian Assange. Now Bradley Manning is held in solitary and has been for months because they need him to say he colluded with Julian Assange. Now they are trying to use Adrian Lamo to say that Bradley Manning told him all about it. This all seems a bit odd because Adrian Lamo doesn't really seem like the kind of guy that would disapprove. Also he appears to have been drugged out of his head, he can't even pronounce "suspicious"!

Some CIA people may recall the concept of "plausible deniability" i.e. the basic idea that when you lie the lie should be plausible. Guys even my gerbils know what's going on. GAME OVER.

'Assange has done substantial damage to US interests'

US State department spokesman PJ Crowley says legal troubles facing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is an issue for UK and Sweden. From the Guardian Newspaper

I must point out how to read the phrase "US interests" or "National Interests" of any nation for that matter. It is often in the interests of a nation to maintain secrecy, in particular where there was wrongdoing. However it would seem that Julian Assange believes that Nations must face justice just as citizens do and that the only authority powerful enough to bring them to justice is you and me.



Last Updated Monday, 22 December 2010

In a letter to the Guardian, Lady Ludford wrote that past cases showed that it was “not a legitimate purpose for an EAW to be used to conduct an investigation to see whether that person should be prosecuted”. She added: “Normal cross-border cooperation on collection of evidence or interrogation of suspects called ‘mutual legal assistance’, using for example video-conferencing or a summons for temporary transfer of a suspect, should be used when more appropriate. “I urge the UK courts to refuse to allow the Assange EAW to be a fishing expedition without a pending actual prosecution. EU rules should be properly respected so that the integrity of the European arrest warrant process is protected.”

Julian Assange European Extradition

There are four formal accusations against Assange: three by complainant A (Anna Ardin): one of rape (using body weight to hold down and forcibly parting legs), and two of ofredande/misconduct/harassment: unsafe sex, and pressing p-nis against back. One by complainant S (Sofia Wilen): sexual assault, sex while complainant was sleeping.

These were first made public at Assange’s extradition bail hearing on December 7. They vary from earlier accusations, both formal and informal.

There remains confusion as to whether these are formal criminal charges, or retain the status of accusation.

No supporting evidence was produced by the UK Crown Prosecution Service, acting for the Swedish Prosecutor in this matter. The judge made specific criticisms of the prosecution for this omission. Refusal of bail for Assange was based on his lack of community ties, not on any aspect of the charges per se.

Contrary to many reports there is no accusation of consent being discontinued mid-act. Though this may emerge as part of the detail, none of the accusations turn on the issue of withdrawn consent.

Neither of the accusations involving unsafe sex are being made as full rape accusations.
The accusation of physical force has not been previously aired, and is contradicted by interviews that the complainant gave immediately after charges were made on August 20.

Since the initial withdrawal of the rape investigation and its aftermath, there has been no public statement by either complainant. As elsewhere, the Swedish prosecution service is at liberty to continue an investigation, even if the initial complainants do not wish to continue it.

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In the sorcerer's apprentice Mickey Mouse cuts up the broom but each splinter becomes a new broom and Mickey is overwhelmed by the water.

They are cutting up Julian Assange and Wikileaks but now there are 1000s of leaks,

and here is poor Mickey trying to stop the flow!

Site openleaks.org will be coming soon.

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At this time 9 December we are still waiting for the allegations against Julian Assange to materialise, which suggests they are still busy contriving them. The website TechCrunch alleges that he went to a conference and had sex with Ms Anna Ardin and then had sex with somebody else the following day and that a condom split or something and both woman didn't like his sexual practices and he refused an STD test. Oh dear. Is this really an international issue? Probably not. The picture of the glamourous blond sitting on the lap of a clown that illustrates the article adds a special finishing touch I think.

A prominent WikiLeaks organizer, Birgitta Jonsdottir, a parliamentarian in Iceland, tells The Daily Beast that she has encouraged Assange to step aside as WikiLeaks’ public spokesman and give up his other management responsibilities, at least until after the criminal investigation is over. See full article in the  The Daily Beast writtem by Philip Shenon an investigative reporter and bestselling author, based in Washington D.C. (What a surprise! Having watched a number of interviews of Birgitta Jonsdottir I suspect she said nothing of the kind.)