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Bin Laden

For many years now we have heard nothing this man had to say and seen nothing he wrote. Why? What are his justifications for his organisation's extreme actions. If he is critical of us, is any of that criticism valid? Is any of it useful for us to change ourselves. Finally even if it is not useful and he were to be wholly wrong then one still can gain a vital insight into the man's psychology.

Sadly though it is a common practice in our culture never to listen to our enemies but only to attack them and defend ourselves against them. This applies from divorcing couples to full scale wars and it only reaches resolution when one side is destroyed. Naturally the other side may have been considerably damaged in the process and it is all very expensive.

I am sure that some of you will be simple enough to conclude that because I have posted a link to something Bin Laden wrote that this means I support him somehow, and in so doing you would be completely wrong and you have not understood what I have written above.

So let me say again that this post is intended to be a complete profile of the man, just something so we might get some idea of what he is talking about.

His Words perhaps?

As an atheist I cannot comment on the religious side of this writing but what about his other allegations, have any of these been investigated?

If a man who tells us of an evil in the world is responsible for an evil himself, does that mean we should not correct the evil of which he speaks? What do you think?

P.S. I've only read half of it so far.