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John Perkins


When the world has one major power it is possible for that power to subordinate others for its interests through overt domination. During the cold war overt domination was not possible and so covert domination was the main paradigm used primarily by Western nations to pursue their interests abroad. For the US this seems to haves consisted, and still does, of three levels of operation;
  1. The Economic Hit Men - Who sold unnecessarily large projects to resource rich countries to get them into debt so their resources would be exported to the US to pay interest on the debt.
  2. The Jackals - Who discredited or assassinated those that stood in the way of "US interests".
  3. The Military - Who carried out covert and overt operations in support of US interests.
John Perkins claims to have been an Economic Hit Man. Here is some of his story.

YouTube Video

Democracy Now with John Perkins part1

Amy Goodman speaks with John Perkins a former "economic hitman".

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