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My Occupy London Speech

Today, I hope that I still have the right to peaceful free speech in this land at this time.

So it seems that I do. Thank you all for the part you have played in defending that right.

We are all here for a variety of reasons. The police are here to stop trouble. That's odd because that is exactly why many of us have come here today also. To stop trouble.

Seriously though...

Some people have asked why we are here?

Some people have asked what do we want?

Some people have asked is it any use?

I don't know if I can speak for all of us, when I say I did not want to be here today. I want to go home. I want to have no reason to be here. But until the reasons for being here have gone, the bravest and best of us, who still believe in the values of liberty and justice, are bound, to keep this vigil.

In a moment I shall try and give just some of the reasons I think most of us will agree are good reasons to be here. Though I suspect many whom ask the question, do not want to hear the answer.


A few days ago I had sufficient time to hear the world news in the morning, at lunchtime and at tea time. What was astounding, is it was essentially the same news. I cannot believe that on a planet of 8 billion souls there was not enough news to fill those three slots, with something different each time. Of course it takes less effort to repeat, and besides who listens to all three slots.

Many people listen to that news, and it gives them the feeling that they are seeing a summary of the world, an overview, and if that overview does not conflict with their sense of how the world should be, they can be happy and get on with their part in it.

Of course some realise that what they are getting, is just a keyhole view, onto a vast landscape, but still they check it against their their sense of how the world should be, and they carry on, knowing that they have missed some of the picture, but OK with what they have seen.

Now the internet has widened that keyhole to the size of a rabbit hole and so some people would like to close it down again. And we say NO.


The "spin doctors" are openly talked about these days. These "spinners of yarns", choose stories carefully, and push them out at the optimal time, so as to make the pie look like cherry pie, when in fact, IT IS MUD PIE.

These spinners of yarn, are creating the invisible cloth, from which the non-existent new cloths of society will be created. But now YOU a small boy and a small girl in the crowd have stood up and said "Look look society has no clothes, look look."

These, “spin doctors” and their friends, are the SWINDLERS of today. They are many of today's politicians, who have little understanding of how to weave the fine cloth of integrity.

They weave in words like "robust" and hope we will all turn away and attend to our own lives. But we are not, we are here because they have not done their work properly. Because the fine cloth we ordered, is no cloth at all.

Because we are fed up with the spinners and the propaganda they spin for us. We cannot wear it any longer.

Yes of course we cannot understand the full picture, without spending time we do not have, to study it. But it is the duty of our leaders to give us the summary of that picture without distorting that summary to suit their own selfish agenda.

I cannot help think about the meeting that was to take place in Europe to TODO

Therefore I think I can speak for all of us when I say - try to lead us not to mislead us - send the spin doctors and those who consult them HOME, restore integrity and plain truth.


When I went to university in the 80s I went because I had the ability, not because my parents had the money or had taken out a loan.

When I was 20 a university education was the prerogative of the able.

Now with the fees increased a university education has become the prerogative of the rich.

We are seeing more and more discrimination in further and higher education, not discrimination based on ability but discrimination based on money.

We are seeing more and more discrimination in employment, certainly by large companies, not discrimination based on ability but discrimination based on education.

The effect of this is that people are being given jobs, because they have the qualification, which they have because their parents had the money.

Of course, those people without money, but perhaps with ability, are angry about this, because they are being excluded and being put under the command of those with money, but perhaps without ability.

A new class system is being created based on money not ability. The meritocracy is being destroyed.


Now, I am going to tell you, why the rich should be angry about this also.

The most important word here is ability. If you think that you would rather promote your own less able child, in front of someone else’s more able child, you are helping to build an inferior society where a superior one might be.

If you have the money to invest in that inferior enterprise, it is your own bottom line that will be hit. You will hurt yourself and hurt your child who perhaps would do better as an investor not a director.

If this social paradigm persists you will end up with a two class society like India. India has so many people and could do so much but it is held back so much because family comes before ability.

Equal opportunities is not simply rhetoric, is not simply a nice socialist principle, equal opportunities makes both the rich and the poor richer in the end. It is a fundamental factor in the success of a society as a whole.

Therefore I think I can speak for all of us when I say restore equal opportunities.


I am now going to talk about the roots of the economic failure that has now occurred.

What could happen, if we as a society stopped looking at ways to extract monetary profit from every situation, and began to design a society to create wealth out of every situation. I believe we could all be better off.

Money is not wealth. Money is paper, or silver, or gold, it is the tokens we can exchange for wealth. Therefore it is a grave mistake, to think that a process that leads to the acquisition of money, is necessarily a process that creates wealth.

When, in an economy, the best ways to acquire money are not the same as the best ways to acquire wealth, than that economy will fail, it will utterly fail.

In this economy now, people are encouraged to acquire money through parasitic processes, rather than wealth creating processes.

  • They are encouraged to acquire money buying a house and selling it for more next week. No wealth was created was it.
  • To buy a currency or a share and sell it for more next week. No wealth was created was it.
  • Or to sell a currency or a share and buy it for less next week, that is called short selling. No wealth was created was it.

Wealth is fulfilment, and the fulfilment of others, and a part of that wealth is material, but much of it is not material. Wealth creation is the creating of the material things or the providing of the non-material things, that other people need or want.

For many this is the food in their bellies and the roof over their head, and speculative trading in basic food stuffs such as grains can mean starvation for them. The free market should not be that free.

Am I saying all the rich are parasites? Many people have accumulated money by the parasitic processes I mentioned above,

    by buying assets and selling them for more,

    by fuelling the boom bust game.

Many ordinary people have played that game, have bought property here or in other countries and caused borrowing and economic hardship their.

These are the parasites. Some are rich some are not.

Others have worked on the production of real wealth by the production of real goods or the provision of real services. Some are rich some are not.

These are generally not the parasites. But even here the answer is not simple because even now many of the cloths on our own skins were created by a labour force, forced into conditions of poverty and held captive in their countries from which they can never hope to escape thanks to immigration law. In this respect we are parasites.

We should take away the boundaries that constrain their liberty OR, put in place laws so we are no longer tempted to profit from their serfdom. This will mean more hardship for us all, at first, as we make the change.

I hope that what I have shown here is that this isn't

  • a conflict of the rich against the poor
  • it is a conflict between those who would promote parasitic behaviour against those who want to stop it.

Those who would use their skills to create real wealth versus those who would use their skills to take wealth from others.

What I have I hope shown, is that there is a difference between the monetary economy and the wealth economy.

The real wealth economy, is gushing blood, because of these terrible distortions of reward in the money economy; because the money economy has been deregulated to the point, that it gives profit, for what is in effect economic failure.

This oversight is the responsibility of the regulators.

Given the apparent lack of understanding of those regulators in government, of these issues, as can be ascertained by wanton simplicity of their statements in the media, and also their inability to choose those with sufficient expertise to deal with the problems - I have little hope of a correction any time soon.

This casino economics must be stopped.

Therefore I think I can speak for all of us rich and poor, and say to the regulators, if you do not understand it enough to do anything about it, please resign, today.


I am a capitalist, but my communist friends in India, tell me that there are forced purchases of arable land to build factories on, while non-arable land stands empty. That is not capitalism, that is crime, that does not produce wealth it produces poverty, it puts people into the slavery of the criminal corporations that have been allowed to behave in that way.

Those criminals may say they have done nothing against the law. So spoke Adolf Eichmann at the Nuremberg trials. He had only done his job, arranging the trains to transport people to their slavery and ultimately deaths. He never broke the law of his government but he did something far worse --

He broke the law of humanity, the law that is deep in all of us, and that tells us to care for others. He broke the law of care.

Each year many of our leaders visit Bohemian Grove, where a foolish play takes place titled "The Cremation of Care". A harmless ceremony, if you can remember during that ceremony that "care", is just one of the very foundation stones of good leadership. If you did not remember that, on your visit then, you are not a leader.

Therefore I think I can speak for all of us, when I say all leaders whom know inside, they do not care for those they lead, are bad leaders and should go. You know who you are. You may fool us for a few more years even, but eventually you will go.


We are all here today, but we are of course in many respects already divided here, we are already different. On any given issue, we may not all agree what is the best thing to do. There will be times when members of the same group, will disagree, and times when members of different groups, will come together in agreement on an issue.

Today we could focus on our disagreements, and end up achieving nothing or we could focus upon what we agree on and achieve far more.

Those that oppose us, will try to polarise us, to set up conflict between us, to divide and conquer us.

The first division they will try to make, my friends, is between those in, and those out of uniform. They will try to set us against the police and they will try to set the police against us. If they can provoke that polarisation then they will try to make us look unreasonable and take away public sympathy from us. They will work their spin doctors 24/7 on this.

So beware; They will try to enrol some of the police to turn the police against us, and they will also try to enrol some of us, to turn us against the police. We all saw the pepper spray incidents in the USA. "Land of the free". We all saw that. Officers of the law, people of this protest - We - must - never - let that division happen.

Those that oppose us, will try to polarise us, to set up conflict between us, to divide and conquer us.

They will try to divide us, into police and protesters, into anti-capitalists and pro-capitalists, anti-government and pro-government, into poor and rich, Muslims and non-Muslims, into white and black, into left and right. In fact they will look for anything at all, to divide us.

As well as this, both left and right wing political groups will try to make this the beginning of their revolutions, both will tell us that this mess is the result of the other.

Come on - we have heard that all before haven't we.

These superfluous divisions are a ploy, to distract us from making the real division.

The division between, right, and wrong. I shall say it again, the division between right, and wrong.

We will not always agree about what is right and wrong but there are some issues we all think are wrong. Some crimes which are being overlooked and stand uncorrected.

Yes officers, crimes that stand uncorrected, crimes you joined the force to put a stop to, and we are here today to show our support for you stopping those crimes.

These are crimes that have permeated the upper corridors of our own society. The corruption of those in power, putting their own interests before those of the society they are meant to serve.

When did they ever believe that serving others was, or could, be just a form of serving yourself.

There are always people who are prepared to sacrifice others for themselves, always. Some of them are here today.

But the people who should govern are those whose passion, is for a society that serves its people, not those who are busy serving themselves.

Leadership is service.

At the moment;
  • they think that an apology is sufficient, for fraudulent expenses claims.
  • that an apology is sufficient, for allowing our financial system to become the predatory monster, it has become, a system that promotes debt as a positive thing,
  • that an apology is sufficient, for leading us and keeping us at war, destroying the infrastructure of other countries, so we can lend the money and win the contracts to rebuild them, and control them.
- Yes it is profitable. Profitable for the offence contractors who manufacture the weapon systems, and profitable for the construction companies that rebuild, and profitable for the security companies that imprison and strike fear into the hearts of those brave enough to say this is wrong, and profitable for the banks that lend the money for the rebuilding, yes it is profitable.

Iraq was invaded on a lie.

Now Libya is invaded on a lie.

The waste is enormous, the death, and destruction of real wealth, the waste of resources and people, a great waste.

Therefore I think I can speak for all of us, when I say an apology is not enough for crimes knowingly committed. These are not mistakes these are crimes and must be treated as such and prosecuted as such.


Some people said that these protests are nothing, they can be ignored by those in power, they won't count, that we are just a drop in the ocean. But as mother Teresa said, "The ocean is made of many drops".

I think its beginning to rain.