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Sheikh Abu Hamza Al Masri

First thank you to the Scintillating Simple SUN newspaper for drawing my attention to this man and telling me what I should think about him. The link leads to the original article.

"See you later, Britain hater" "Evil Abu Hamza faces trial in U.S.

A European Court ruling means the hook-handed cleric’s extradition to the US on terror charges can go ahead as it will NOT breach his human rights.

Barring a last-ditch appeal, it means victory for The Sun’s eight-year campaign to kick him out."
Fuming Hamza will land in a pitiless prison after being flown from Britain to America, it emerged last night."

Its very sad when due process is replaced by the SUN's pitiless persecution. Quote "hook-handed", "pitiless prison" They love it don't they.

"Hamza — jailed here in 2006 after being convicted of soliciting the murder of non-Muslims and inciting racial hatred."

The SUN the most racist paper in the land observed. I wonder if he really solicited murder? Of course the printed his entire speech in full for their readers. NOT. I wonder what he has to say about it soon we shall never know and he will be forgotten.

Given that the Sun is a newspaper for the simple, I decided to look a little deeper myself into a man now being sent to the USA where no doubt he will be tortured for many years for no apparent reason other than the satisfaction of a few simple minded subcontracted interrogators looking to earn a wage, who never read the CIA interrogation manuals or at least totally failed to understand that interrogation isn't just beating people up until they sign the statements you have written for them. For more on abuse of torture click on this link. Abuse of Torture

Since I expect all these YouTube videos to be censored very rapidly I suggest you take a look now.

In the first is this man talking sense and not hate. Yes he is angry about what the US and UK have done but so are we all. He does not appear to pronounce or provoke senseless violence. At the time Muslims were being subjected to a barrage of hate propaganda culminating in the "Minister warns of "inbred" Muslims, front page headline of the Sunday Times 10 Feb 2008. No doubt the Nazis published similar warnings about the Jews on the front pages of their Sunday papers. (See Islamophobia Watch) So watch the video and see if you feel threatened. I don't and I am a white European Athiest. What this man appears to be doing is exercising his right to free speech, remember that.

PROVE ME WRONG PLEASE send me something that shows that this man deserves torture for the rest of his life and I will eat my words. Come on, the pen is mightier than the sword.

The Sickness of Racism by Sheikh Abu Hamza Al Masri

YouTube Video

The interview below appears to be an extraordinary distortion of this man's statements by the interviewer are shocking to say the least. Unless of course you don't know that he was probably fighting on the side of the British in Afghanistan. That he was defending Muslims in Croatia. He did not once say he was aligned with the hostage takers in Yeman he simply said he could contact the hostage takers and negotiate. He does not seem an unreasonable man. He is open to discussion unlike some others! Of course negotiation does not sell arms.

Sheikh Abu Hamza - London Tonight Yemen

YouTube Video

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