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Libya Water Pipe

Investigation Open: Bombing of Libyan water pipe by NATO. For task list see below.

Main Concern: A lack of pictorial evidence. Where do we see the damaged pipe. Not at all! It is suggested in Libya: water emerges as hidden weapon that both sides could use disruption of the water supply as a weapon. Perhaps the question is who has and how.


NATO attacks a water pipes factory in al-Brega, this being the factory which makes pipes for the great man-made irrigation system across the desert which brings water to seventy per cent of Libyan homes, according to sources in Libya. The factory was hit after the water supply network was destroyed on Friday. July 22 2011. A date for humanity to remember. NATO hit the Libyan water supply pipeline. It will take months to repair. Then on Saturday they hit the pipeline factory producing pipes to repair it.

Since when is a water pipes factory in al-Brega a legitimate target to impose a no-fly zone to protect civilians? Sine when is the water supply pipeline itself a legitimate target?


Geneva, Article 54: "It is prohibited to attack, destroy ... render useless, objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population ... drinking water installations and supplies and irrigation works."


Collect evidence, photos showing clearly the destroyed pipe. Consequences of the destruction and persons responsible for the decision to do this. If this happened it needs to be documented. Eye witness accounts etc. Any other independent sources. Please assist in any way you feel appropriate thank you. Please email me stuff on this.





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And although not directly relevant could they be after 144 tons of Libyan Gold? ($6Tr) Another robbery Really


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